“Stunning!  Impressive!  Captivating! “   Although he has heard it many times before, Don Bradley still enjoys the reactions of people when they first see his sculptures and art pieces showcasing “dinosaur gembone material.”

In his rock and woodworking studio, Don creates high-end art pieces and exquisite gems for jewelry using rare specimens of fossilized dinosaur bones.  The richly colored gembone is derived from petrified dinosaur bones that were found long ago and acquired by private collectors.  Don purchased the ~150-million-year-old-bones from early collectors’ estates.  By sectioning and polishing the bones, he found a unique, alluring media for dramatic artistic creations.

The gem-grade fossils are preserved with a natural beauty.  They have an exquisite mosaic structure with variegated cells and veins within an agatized framework.  Often, gembone is infused with striking colors resulting from the presence of iron, manganese, copper and chrome. Some specimens have pockets of quartz, amethyst, calcite and hematite as well as bands of agate and swirls of opal.

Don creates and sells his art, gembone cabochons, and jewelry.  He also creates commissioned works of art.

The distinctive sculptures are prized by private collectors and designers looking for imaginative art with high cultural value.  The jewelry is treasured by an elite few who thrill at wearing something beautiful that can be traced back to the Jurassic Age.